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Burying Ray and Brad

Once again, I've been slacking on my LJ updates. The last time you heard from me, it was early April and I was in Europe. As always, I've been busy: writing, performing, working, job-hunting, travelling and half-assed girlfriend-seeking. I wish the writing part had taken up a much larger proportion, but having a soul-sucking day job really takes a lot of the creativity and ambition out of you.

I am hoping the soulsuckery will be at an end shortly.
I had a job interview on Wednesday (my first after ten or eleven months of searching) with a really cool online magazine, and I think it went well. I'm afraid of counting chickens and making myself even more depressed when it doesn't happen, but I did have a very good feeling about it. Actually, what it is is a three-month internship -- but a paying one, and one that has a 99.99% chance of turning into a full-time job if I don't fuck it up. They made it clear to me that it wasn't one of those deals where you intern for a short time and then they just toss you back on the street.

I haven't heard back yet. Not sure what that means. It could be very good or very bad. Or it could just mean that they're not done interviewing people yet. Despite the reduction in pay, this job would solve so many problems... I could actually make a living writing again. The hours, as I understand, are flexible, so I'd have time to freelance. It's a small, informal office space with seemingly nice and laid-back people, so I wouldn't be living in a real-world Orwellian nightmare for forty-three hours a week. I would get my dignity and self-respect back.

Oh -- but I have been writing. I've picked up the pace on contributing to Digital Journal lately. Even got paid once.
Click here to see my contributions.

I particularly hope you'll read the E.T. one that I posted this morning, and "Like" it. Nobody else is, apparently.


I read E.T. and The Tempest... Very good pieces from which I learned interesting tidbits. I shared the E.T. piece on the FaceToob.

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