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I'm jes' a ol' graveyard ghost, that's all in the world I am. Jes' a plain ol' graveyard ghost

Well, the "want" for this new magazine job evolved into more of a "need" this week.
Because I got laid off on Tuesday.

This is a very mixed blessing. I did want to get the hell out of there, but not like this. I was hoping to land a better job first and then quit on my own terms.

It was very sudden, quick and cold. As in, "Here's the situation -- we can't afford you anymore; now here's something you have to sign and send back to us; now give us your keys and collect your possessions and get the fuck out of here."
Followed, of course, by history's most insincere "Nice working with you and sorry it had to end this way" and obligatory handshake.

And now? I actually wish that I'd goofed around and slacked off as much as they'd accused me of doing.
Really. If that's the kind of appreciation they show. Why did I put so much focus into trying to get work done by deadline and improve my stats, when I could have been sneaking in more Digital Journal articles instead? Or writing anything else, for that matter?

If I understand right, I'm supposed to be getting two weeks' pay (in lieu of the standard notice) as well as one week's severance pay, plus any outstanding vacation days. Plus what they owe me for the day and a half I put in this week. That ought to keep me going up until after the Washington weekend. Another return to the U.K. may have to wait, though.

If I do get the mag job, then it's all good and I've won a free "staycation".
The last I heard from them, they were still conducting interviews. I wish they'd let me know soon, so I could know whether to take it easy or to start panicking.


Hear back from that job interview yet? They should be all done interviewing by now.
Still no word.

Edited at 2012-06-28 01:44 am (UTC)
That is not good at all. It shouldn't take them this long to make a decision.

If I were you, I would start hunting for other jobs. This is scary. I hope all goes well for you.