August 22nd, 2013


Ozwald hayd 'bout as much use fa Rushin as a cayt hayz fo' pa-JAH-mas!

Aaaaaaaaand... just like that, I'm employed.
I am officially a productive and useful member of society once again.

It sort of came out of the blue. Well, not exactly; I'd applied for the job around April or May and then forgotten about it, and they'd put off moving forward until last month. I'd actually given up on finding a full-time job and resigned myself to living off freelance work and credit lines for the rest of my life. I'd even planned to do some extensive travelling this fall, dipping into my savings and credit to do so.
Since getting this job, I've had to cancel the NYC trip I was planning in September, and now I have to limit my U.K. jaunt to a week and a half maximum (limited holidays). The irony is that now, I can afford to travel, but have to cut it down.

So I'm now a full-time magazine writer/editor again. I've been there nearly a month. I write and proofread news stories and articles about occupational health and safety (i.e. people getting hurt on the job). I have two editors, one for the print magazine and one for the weekly newsletter. The latter seems to like what I'm doing a lot, says my articles are well written and researched, and the former has said nothing negative. I haven't gotten in trouble for anything yet. Nobody has even tried to cut me off the Internet or accused me of goofing around all day.

Actually, a lot of the time there is spent kind of trying to look busy while waiting for sources and contacts to call me back. There's a fair amount of downtime. I love downtime, but now it makes me a little nervous too, since my last full-time job did not permit any sort of downtime and blamed you for slacking if you ran out of work to do. Especially as one of my bosses sits right across from me. I've seen her scrolling Facebook occasionally, and it didn't look work-related, so I assume the policy on Internet use is relatively lenient. But I don't want to give the impression that I just ignore my work and sit around surfing the web all day. She usually looks too busy with her own work to play Big Brother on her underlings, though.

And I have a cell-phone gadget now. I made that big leap into the world of 1992. It's an android, and I'm still figuring out all the things it does.